Compositores: Various Artist
Disco: Infamous
Genero: Soundtrack
Año: 2016
Formato: MP3
Bitrate: 320 KBps
Tamaño: 175 MB
Compresor: Winrar
Servidor: Varios
Password: F.R.E.E-B.S.O
Artwork: Si
Digital Booklet: No

Track List

01. Rabble Rouser
02. Stampton Bridge
03. Meet The Reapers
04. The First Sons
05. Alden Strikes
06. The Escape
07. Dinner With Sasha
08. The Courier
09. Secrets Revealed
10. Rampage
11. Tent City
12. Hunt For The Ray Sphere
13. End Of The Road
14. Anything For Trish
15. Stranded
16. Mysterious Signals
17. The Truth
18. Genesis
19. Pleasant Empire
20. Silent Melody
21. The Rescue
22. The Price
23. No Protection



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